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Zona di salto gratuitu


Zona di salto gratuitu


Mainly for project beginners and children, Players can simply finish the completion such as back jump, sit jump and other movements, with the guidance of professional coach

Free trampoline area, including tilting trampoline, bouncing platform and other functions to test the physical functions of people in the air. The area is widely usable and can be used for a variety of large group activities such as parent-child games, Tai Chi courses, activity courses, etc.


1.Reliable material:  strong and soft landing mat.  PVC  leather  confirm to EN71-2/-3, Soft foam confirm to GB/T 8332-2008, Durable spring confirm to GB/T 1222-200

Materials are non-toxic and environmental friendly. The materials used should have a certain degree of stability to avoid the generation of pollutants due to changes in the external environment, such as temperature and humidity, during the operation of the park.

2.Trampoline park safety instructions sign, should be posted in the trampoline hall entrance conspicuous, and in the activity area in each appropriate range, are posted a safety instructions sign.

3.Timely remind and stop the trampoline park players do not comply with the rules of prevention behavior

4.All staff, patrol duty in the entire trampoline park range, do a good job of security clearance.


The trampoline needs regular maintenance, both at the bottom and the top. The operator must regularly check the spring surfaces for damage. The springs under the trampoline should also be checked regularly.

U staffu di u parcu di trampolinu deve regularmente mantene è pruvà tutte l'equipaggiu di divertimentu, è deve esse mantinutu regularmente secondu u codice di mantenimentu, è ogni prublema o danni truvati deve esse riparatu è rimpiazzatu in u tempu.

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