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Terrazza di ghjocu in schiuma per interni è unità di ghjocu molle
Plywood  flame retardant Pearl cottonFlame retardant sponge
High resilience spongeMat PVC leatherPU leather


Flame retardant plywood, thickness 9 to 20mm, The flame-retardant complies with GB20286-2006.Performance and Labeling Standard of Flame-retardant products are components in public places, flame retardant performance reaches national standard B1 level.

Pearl cotton

High foam polyethylene products produced by extrusion using high-pressure low density polyethylene as main raw material. The density is not less than 20kg/m3, and the thickness is 10mm, 15mm, 20mm.Accoring to different product requirements. It has almost no water and hygroscopicity, is oil-proof and moisture-proof, resist the erosion of many compounds, and is antistatic and flame retardant. 

Flame retardant sponge

Polyester flame-retardant high density sponge, thickness from 1 to 30mm or more, density 25to 30 kg/cubic meter.Has the characteristics of heat preservation , heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant B1 level, unti-static, good breathability and other properties comply with BS5852 Part 2- crib5 requirements.

High resilience sponge

Density is not less than 30kg/cubic meter, flame retardant B1 level. Comply with BS5852 Part 2-Crib 5 requirements.

Mat PVC leather

PVC mass/square meter >450g, its physical properties are as follows: longitude> 15, latitude>20, strong flame retardancy(B1) and cold resistance.Gelling properties without detachment after belling soaked in ethyl acetate for 8 minutes.Thickness > 0.45mm, and its intensity not less than 840D.The reflector lamp is “diffuse reflection “has no glare, and is not dazzling. 

PU leather

Polyurethane synthetic environmentally friendly leather, thickness not less than 0.8mm, available in matte and matte types. Lead, PAH, heavy metals, PH value, 0-benzene, organotin compounds, APEO, and DMF have all passed national environmental testing.

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